“A seasoned, ambitious and literate singer/songwriter
with a bent for bitter-sweet songs.”  
                                 - Richard Flohil, Writer, Publicist


"I can’t remember a time when I didn't love the fulfillment that comes with the pouring out of a song.  My life can be mapped through my music as I forever squirrel away the beginnings of songs. Lines, words, scribbled in restaurants on napkins; blindly written on matchbook covers in dark theatres; scrawled upside down in the middle of night in notebooks by the bed  and in the volumes of notes and voice memos in my phone. Writing is suspended space. It's seeing and feeling through others' eyes, lost in a wanderlust that pulls me in. I have longed as the man in the moon sitting on the edge of the planet, looking into the liquid black of a starry sky, as I eagerly await a successor to come and take my place; I've loved 'em and left 'em as a "one more kiss Jezebel' who leaves in the night with their hearts and the truth; and I've closed my eyes and prayed to get through as an over-burdened hero faced with more than he can save. Songwriting? So cool. I wouldn’t be me without it."                                                                                                                                        - RBT, songwriter

• Lead vocalist and principal songwriter for ‘Daystar’, ‘Niteskool’ and ‘Bakersmith
• Toured extensively throughout North America and Europe
• Released  ‘COURAGE’ (Sony) with major support from the Foundation to Assist
Canadian Talent on Record (FACTOR)
• Awarded FACTOR "New Talent Award"
• Offered position as Staff Songwriter with Sony / ATV Publishing.
• RBT | NE songwriting partnership established in 2015 with singer, songwriter North Easton, writing             with / for emerging and established artists
• Established and launched "THE COLLABOR8TORS" in November 2015 - a prominent group
of Canadian songwriters focused on co-writing and the 'song at the centre'. They are :
Patrick Ballantyne, North Easton, David Leask, Danya Manning, Ambre McLean, Blair Packham,                   Julian Taylor and Rosanne Baker Thornley
• Toronto curator and participating songwriter / performer for The Acoustic Guitar Project,  a
global songwriting initiative
• Finalist 2014 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) "Turn"
• Finalist 2015 | International Songwriting Competition (ISC) "Love Like That"
• Finalist 2015 : UK Songwriting Competition "Anyway" cowrite with North Easton, Mikalyn Hay                              • Judge for 2015 Long & McQuade Singing Contest Semi-Finals and Finals                                                              • Judge for 2016 Long & McQuade Singing Contest Semi-Finals and Finals
• 2016 Mentor : The Songwriter's Association of Canada "4 x 4 Songwriting Challenge".                                           • Winner 2016 : UK Songwriting Competition "What Are We Fighting For" cowrite with North Easton                     • Winner 2016 : Indie International Songwriting Contest "Anyway" cowrite with North Easton, Mikalyn Hay           • Winner 2017 : UK Songwriting Competition "Me Without You" cowrite with North Easton, Andrew Allen              • Finalist 2017 :  UK Songwriting Competition "Back Again" cowrite with North Easton                                              • Finalist 2017 : UK Songwriting Competition "Falling"
• Winner 2018 : ImstaFesta Songwriting Competition (Chicago) ‘Tell Me’ cowrite with North Easton                      
Currently collaborating with Canadian and International artists in a variety of  genres, Rosanne brings
an insatiable drive and energy to her music.





WINNER 2017                                  UK Songwriting Competition     "Me Without You"

FINALIST 2017                                UK Songwriting Competition     "Back Again"

FINALIST 2017                                UK Songwriting Competition     "Falling"

WINNER 2016                                  UK Songwriting Competition     "What Are We Fighting For"          

WINNER 2016                               Indie International Songwriting Competition                                   "Anyway"                                  

FINALIST 2015                              International Songwriting Competition (ISC)                         "Love Like That"                    

FINALIST  2015                                UK Songwriting Competition Competition (ISC)                         "Love Like That"    

FINALIST  2015                              UK Songwriting Competition Competition (ISC)                         "Anyway"    

FINALIST 2014                                International Songwriting Competition (ISC)                         "Turn"