SAC Songwriting Challenge | Week 1 Part 2 | Matt Dusk Pitch | Co-write with North Easton and Scott MacKay

And here it is, the last song of the challenge. 6 weeks that quite honestly sped by.

I had 6 weeks to mull over the possibilities and brew on the song for Matt Dusk. But other than checking out the music references that Matt provided and exploring a few possible lines and concepts – really my thoughts had me pondering  Matts “brand”. And while I listened to his music, my bigger thinking was that Matt has an established audience  and I expect he would endeavour to bring his audience with him as he reaches out to expand his demographic. This suggested to me a song that would transition where Matt had been – into the new he was moving towards. First step – decision made to work with North Easton and Scott MacKay. I met both North and Scott in the SAC 6 in 6 Challenge last year and I have been working with them since then. I’m sure the three of us would agree that our lives have been enriched by knowing and working with each other. And somehow it seems kismet that the three of us have co-written this song together. Very cool. Initially Scott and I discussed titles and thoughts in one of our lunchtime text chats. And with that we were off via all methods of technology, Skype, text, email. “Baby I was made for You” magically came together in a rush of inspiration in a 3 hour writing session – it appeared without a second of struggling or pause.  “Baby I was made for you” was just waiting for us to find it and to have Scott put his amazing voice on it. This song is truly a wonderful way to close a great SAC 6 in 6 week challenge.  Cheers everyone. it’s been nice hanging in virtual space with you for a bit.

- rbt

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