SAC Songwriting Challenge | Week 5 | TV Series

“I am the blood, I am the bones”.  An intriguing line that has been floating in my brain for some time. And what better time to follow that line into a song than for a tune intended to evoke darkness.

While I originally started writing this from the perspective of an anti-hero (which was the ask) and her being the blood and bones of her conquests lust – the story seemed to be calling me elsewhere. Rather, what spoke to me was a woman wrongly accused of a crime and awaiting her demise while her accusers turned a blind eye. Admittedly, it’s unlikely that “Eyes Closed Shut” meets the criteria of this particular challenge, but it is what inspired me to chase it. And although this song also focused on a tree (re: my recent song “Beneath the Tree”) – I just went with it and chalked it up to spring in my bones. I have to thank my good friend Pat Rush who lent his amazing slide playing to this track.

It’s always intriguing to see how a group of songwriters tasked with the same information will each have their own unique perception and song approach. Hearing the outcome of the songwriters in each of the five challenges has kept this initiative interesting to watch, and hear.

Beyond the happy arrival of new songs I’m writing under fire in the challenge, I’m also pushing my song writing stamina beyond the edges to find out just how much I can take on. And whether I’m in my studio with my guitar, or laying in bed at night listening and evaluating the work, time evaporates as a half hour disappears to 2, 3, 4 hours. Despite my constant apologies of “sorry I’m late” – “sorry, can you make dinner tonight?” – “sorry, I didn’t leave the house today” – “sorry, I haven’t had a chance” all due to ” I was writing”. Consumed in the writing. Always have been. And I love it.

This weeks marathon is run. And in-between, Matt Dusk’s song found its legs with North Easton and Scott MacKay as we move into finessing the pieces, performance and production.

In the meantime, this week a little darkness with “Eyes Closed Shut”. Enjoy.


- rbt