SAC Songwriting Challenge | Week 6 | Radio Pop | Co-write

Monday, March 23 2:30 am

North Easton and I write together quite a bit. We had recently started a song entitled “No Visible Stains” - negotiated to become “Invisible Stains”. That’s how it rolls in the rbt | ne world. In view of an intensely busy week for both of us, that included writing and producing our Week 1 song for Matt Dusk (more on that in the next post), we thought that we would finish up this song because, not only would it be efficient given our familiarity with writing together making the weight of the week lighter, but we felt the song truly answered the Radio Pop challenge. Lyrics and music complete, North ventured into his studio with his inspired producer brain to put together the beginnings of the song. However, after many listens it wasn’t working – for either of us. So here we are, Monday 1:30 am, with hours and much energy invested in this song with the clock ticking closer to the deadline. And sadly, neither of us like where the song is going. lol. So, the choices. Live with it and settle? Or, ditch the approach and start over? Two ‘A’ type personalities. Do the math. Really no choice but to rethink, rework, re-record. Simplify. Go back to the song at its core because it truly worked there and embrace the soul of the song. And so, 2:30 am and I’m writing this knowing that North is on this in the morning and I’m in the studio this evening to final mix wherever and whatever we land on as we run towards another Monday midnight deadline. But happily I’m off to sleep knowing we’re on the same page and agreed on where the song should go from here.

Monday, March 23 11:59 pm - And here’s where we landed tonight – and both happier. But, still a work in progress. Enjoy.

-       rbt