What's New : Spring 2016

FINALIST IN THE ISC    So happy to announce that I am a finalist in the International  Songwriting Competition with "Love Like That" an RBT | NE song written with my writing partner North Easton. Starting with the 18,500 songs that were submitted by songwriters internationally, our song made it through to being one of 200 songs,  1 of 16 in our category, and the only Canadian songwriters. 

CO-WRITING WITH COLIN MACDONALD    I had an awesome co-writing session with Colin MacDonald. We found a new song "HOLES", a lyrically twisting rootsy, rockin' tune that we had fun working back and forth. Definitely a pleasure writing with Colin :) 

RBT | NE MONTHLY MANIA : April    Another productive, inspired and energized 84 hours of writing, recording and meetings with North Easton in Toronto. We had a great session with the very lovely and talented Mikalyn Hay landing a new tune for her "Anyway". Also found the beginnings of a new song with amazing singer Amir Brandon. Squeezing as much as we possibly can into a weekend, North and I headed into the studio with producer Johnny Simmen to record our new duet "Didn't I" - written in the early hours the night before when the song we had planned to record just wasn't finding its legs. But we will finish that one as well ... next time.

CO-WRITING WITH SCOTT MACKAY    Scott and I are back into the swing of writing again now that his schedule has opened up a bit. An intriguing new song underway "Liquor Is Thicker". As always, loving Scott's voice on it. Seriously, he could sing the telephone book and the audience would swoon ... lol.